About Pendical

Pendical is a platform that curates stories chronicling the lifestyle of the African medical student/practitioner. We also believe in a better world for everyone and this has led us into carrying out social-impact projects to carefully-chosen less-privileged niches of society. Our aim is to be the primary content destination for the 360⁰ medical student.
Online: medical blog Nigeria 
We collate and share engaging stories and resources for medical personnel or any-one aspiring to be a physician!
From our website to our social media platforms and YouTube vlogs, there is some-thing for everyone.
Offline: medical blog Nigeria 
We plan and implement social-impact projects after careful research into societal problems. We also partner with forward-thinking organisations hoping to make lasting changes in the society.
The Pendical Helicon: Knowing that medical schools have some of the most lit-erary creative individuals around, the Pendical team is collating Africa’s medical an-thology. From poetry to prose, the anthology is set to showcase some of the finest literary works from the medical youth this side of the Pacific.
Save-a-Girl Child Initiative: The Save-a-Girl-Child Project is an initiative of Pendical that aims to promote the education of 500 female children in pri-mary schools in Ibadan. It plans to achieve this by supplying them with ena-bling materials such as textbooks and stationery needed for maximal learning. In the long term, PENDICAL would, insofar as it is able to, follow up these girls through their secondary education with the aim of giving them a much better chance to get into tertiary institutions.