Helicon [“`helIkuhn“`] , an ancient mountain in the region of Thespiai in Greece was considered to be a source of poetic inspiration in Greek mythology. Pendical has been inspired to come up with the very first medical anthology in Africa – a published collection of poems and other pieces of writing. This anthology is called The Pendical Helicon. Africa’s first Medical anthology “Pendical Helicon” will comprise of poems, prose, short stories, features and interviews which will be health related.  Articles would be obtained from sundry writers across Africa and in other selected continents.


  • This project aims to enlighten the public about the various aspect of health sciences, show diverse fields related to the health sciences and their interdependence.
  • Through the various literary works in this book we will show how medicine meet art in the realm of writing in a most unique way.
  • The Pendical’s Helicon is a historic publication in Africa and will inspire different people from all walks of life through the diverse literary content.
  • This anthology will certainly be very useful to professionals and students at large.
  • It will create a community of new writers and passionate students.
  • What we seek to achieve cannot be summarized into bullet point, but if through the piece herein someone’s path is more illuminated or another is inspired to reach beyond its ‘limits’, if doubts are cleared from this mind or the spirit of another are lifted after a long day, The PENDICAL HELICON would have served well in the line of duty


  • It is an opportunity to participate in this historic phenomenon – Africa’s first ever Medical Anthology.
  • It is an opportunity to contribute immensely to readers, they are the leaders of tomorrow.
  • This is an opportunity to be involved in a project that would, in the rarest ways, integrate medicine and the health sciences at large, with other fields. Thereby providing a platform to showcase and promote diversity in our health sector.
  • At the book launch, you will get to meet, interact and network with important, well known health personnel and learn from the brightest minds.


This will be a one-day symposium “Literature and Medicine” hosted at the University of Ibadan. The proposed Venue is Paul Hendrickse Hall in the University College Hospital. It is a venue for symposiums and many meetings organised by the college of Medicine.


Theme: Giving the African Health Care Sector a Voice🗣️🗣️

Are you a writer?
Are you a professional or student in any health care field?
Have you received care from any hospital in Africa and would like to share your experience?

This is your chance to be a part of Africa’s first medical anthology- The Pendical Helicon

▪️Fields: Medicine, Nursing and Para medicine, Pharmacy and Biomedical Science, Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Psychology, Public Health, Occupational Therapy, Social Work and Speech Pathology, Epidemiology


• Must be in word format.

• Name, country and institution/profession should be included.

• Title of article should be subject of the email.

• Submissions must be original works that have not been shared anywhere else.

• Submissions should be made to

DEADLINE: April 26th, 2020.
Contact us via mail

Be a part of something historical!