After school, what next?

What next?

After school what next?

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it would live its whole life believing it is stupid – Albert Einstein
Often times, we all desire to find ourselves in a society we can compete with in all ramifications, hence the quest for wealth emerges. Most times, nothing is certain; sometimes, hypothetical reality! But can we really tell how our life would turn out to be? The real answer is NO.
Quite alright, we all want to venture into courses that would ensure our survival when we eventually leave school. Nowadays, it is really not what is studied in school we end up using as a source of livelihood. Our economy seems to take downward turn after downward turn as life gets harder, and only the relentless survive.

First things first, discover your talents, your inbuilt aptitude. Watch out for your likes and dislikes; focus on your strengths and not your flaws. I am good at singing and so that is what I should pursue because that’s an edge I have over everyone else out there looking for a job. There is this sense of déjà vu that sweeps over you when you are self-employed: it makes you see yourself as a success to others. Life smiles at you more often and every day that passes is one you relish no matter the obstacles you face.


Drop the attitude or mentality that what you study is completely meaningless. You can divert your field of study into something more lucrative. Do not rest with folded arms and wait for help to come to you, as though it were a certainty. Know that you can pass through the four walls of a school and still be ‘illiterate’, so act wisely and be judicious with your time. Seek out someone you look up to; do not just listen to advice from successful people, ponder them and make yours whichever is worthwhile; be optimistic and move with people that have dreams and pursue them.
Let me share a story with you, I hope this stirs your thinking. There was a time when things got difficult with Jeremy, and the friends he depended on pulled disappearing acts. He was left with no choice but to survive however he could. He applied for various job opportunities but his requests were frequently denied. Nonetheless, he kept trying, yet his efforts proved futile. One day, he walked past a band of singers whose main task was showing up and making music without using instruments: their voices could do the job. He joined them and started making ends meet. Presently, he and band is known throughout the world for their impact on the music industry. This is the story of the popular ‘Acapella’ group.
The truth is: school is only a little bit compared to what real life has for you thereafter. I will like to refer the classroom as ‘a mini-lecture theatre’. Like school, where you are taught lessons and given assignments, life will also teach you lessons and give you assignments. Your performance in these lessons and assignments will determine the extent to which life will promote you. Do not rationalize your every decision. As you move through your life, do not stay in situations that make you unhappy because you feel obligated. Take some calculated risks. Self-discipline is the common denominator among the successful. In order to get into college and earn a degree, one must exercise delayed gratification. This does not end after school. Delayed gratification and self-discipline are necessary for continued success in life.


Keep your minds open as much as possible. If you are complaining about what you are doing, then try something else. What you actually think won’t work out may end up in brilliant success. Take a deep breath then, and act wisely. See you at the top! 

Written by Lamina Ifeoluwa, a medical student at Olabisi Onabanjo University.

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