Armoured Dream

While some do tag it bilious,
I love it by heart, serious,
So they said I am curious.
In apron with a scalpel,
To cut and stitch back as well,
A layman may call it hell.
With coworkers she cooperates,
And makes sure no one aspirate,
Blood drips out as she operates.
She cuts through good to remove bad,
Seldom, makes some week points hard,
She owes respect of a bard.

At times, you will hear ‘suction’
Or ‘ vicryl’ for apposition,
Or ‘please patient in motion.’
In work, she is as coxswain,
Focused, no thought of den to wine,
So blood vessels do not twine.
A heart of matured lion,
With eyes and hands on lesion,
Who else if not a surgeon.
Scribbled by Khadijat Mustapha, a final year medical student at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.

Pendical Admin

PENDICAL an educational weblog creates a platform for medical personnel/practitioners including medical students to share inspiring stories, lifestyles, and resources for medical personnel/practitioners or anyone aspiring to be a physician thereby encouraging and promoting diversity in lifestyle, mindset, thoughts and experience among medical personnel and medical students. PENDICAL started out, like many realities, a dream. It is a weblog whose contributors are medical personnel. In a most profound way, medicine and health meet art in the realm of writing. What we seek to achieve cannot be summarized into bullet points, but if through the pieces herein someone’s path is more illuminated or another is inspired to reach beyond its ‘limits’, if doubts are cleared from this mind or the spirit of another are lifted after a long day, PENDICAL would have served well in the line of duty. Our core values are creativity, excellence, truth, and passion.

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