ASUU STRIKE: What should I do?

“No classes tomorrow and next, until the government pays our salary”, I heard the Physiology lecturer say. Students started murmuring, and soon, the lecture hall was filled with screams, laughter and curses coming from here and there. We had just begun the academic session and here we were, being told that we’ll be deprived of classes till only God knows.
Phew! I picked up my bag and walked out of the lecture hall with a lot of thoughts swarming in my head. “What should I be doing till they call off this strike?” I kept asking myself. Certainly, tutorials would hold, as that was the normal custom in the school. Political aspirants would kick off tutorials ‘to enable the students’ keep the contents of their brains intact’; we all knew their major reason. Surely, I would attend the tutorials, but those couldn’t keep me busy for as long as the ASUU strike was on. ” What should I do?”—this question was stuck in my head, but no answer was forthcoming.
I got to my room, lay on my bed and dozed off immediately. I woke up due to the noise coming from my roommate’s laptop, and then something struck me. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to volunteer to work with NGOs and give to the society what I can offer. Plus I’d be back to school in time to attend tutorials as well. “What a good thought”, I mused, and smiled at myself, happy that I had finally decided on what to do.
So, I set out to make some enquiries. My being a medical student earned me a place in a First Aid organization. Besides the lovely feeling rendering such a service to humanity gave me, I learnt a lot from there. I was also exposed to different places, met a lot of people and learnt what I could from them. It was a really good experience working with the people around me. When next there’s an ASUU strike, although I am not praying for one, students would do well to check out these NGOs I can testify that they are really helpful.
While I was busy with my First Aid services, my friend Sola registered in a skill acquisition centre outside the campus. He engaged himself with learning computer graphics and got  so good at it, he started giving his business cards to his fellow students and friends. Sola now designs invitation cards and fliers for students; and he makes good money from it. Students can register in skill acquisition centres during strike. In Nigeria, it wouldn’t be out of place to find a means to take care of oneself.
I can’t forget my closest friend Susan. Susan had always liked serving in restaurants. “I could be a part-time waitress”, she’d always say. So, Susan got a job in one of the nice restaurants outside the campus. Of course she was getting a good pay, but the most important thing is that she had fun because it was something she really enjoyed. I don’t think it would hurt to apply to work anywhere during the strike.
In conclusion, there are a lot of things students can do during a ASUU strike. Being a medical student should not hinder one from trying out new things. You should not be sitting home all day. There are skills to learn, places to travel to, jobs to take, seminars and conferences to attend, businesses to start. With proper planning, one would still have some time to oneself. Personally, I think a strike, indeed any prolonged break from school, gives us a chance to learn new things or to realize our goals outside medical school.

Written by Jane-Frances Ibida, a medical student at the University of Nigeria.

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  1. 😅 political aspirants would kick-off tutorials. You say it like it’s a bad thing.
    I agree with you that the strike should be used to explore other frontiers.
    I spent a lot of my time during the strike reading about history, politics and busines and I don’t regret it.

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