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  • Alebiosu Boluwaduro

    Bolu grew up in Ibadan and is currently in his third year studying Medicine and Surgery at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State. He schooled at both The Vale College and Rhema Chapel International College, Ibadan. Ever since he was a child he has loved literature. Inspired by his experiences in the university he has a propensity for putting his thoughts to paper as a means of inspiring the next generation.
  • Ebengho Judith Osarumen

    Judith is the eldest daughter of her parents who are both Medical Laboratory Scientists at the University Of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH). She is in her fourth year at the University of Ibadan studying Medicine and Surgery. She grew up in Benin City, attended International Home School and the University of Benin Demonstration Secondary School while looking up to her parents and balancing schoolwork with the antics of Judith and her siblings. She finds peace writing and fashion designing and very much looks forward to owning her fashion brand.
  • Amaji Obinna Charles

    Obinna is a third year medical student of the University of Ibadan. Obinna has always been fascinated with the machine that is the human body. He has put down to paper, some of his thoughts on life and his journey of the proverbial thousand steps through the halls of the College of Medicine, seeking to effect a lasting positive change in the hearts of men and in his society. He resides in Enugu, having spent the greater part of the first sixteen years of his life there. His nursery education he completed at Garden Angels Nursery and Primary School. He went on to University Primary School and University of Nigeria Secondary School, both at the Enugu Campus of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, to complete his primary and secondary schooling respectively.
  • Ebengho Ikponmwosa Gabriel

    IK Ebengho as he is simply called was born born in Benin City, Edo State. He is the eldest child of Dr. and Mrs. Ebengho. He is currently a third medical student at the University of Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria. Before pursuing his medical education, he completed his Bachelor's degree in Medical Biochemistry and Genetics at Delta State University and his secondary school education at the University of Benin Demonstration Secondary School (UDSS). During his free time, he enjoys playing guitar (he is a worship guitarist), photography and being involved in philanthropy projects. A devoted Christian, he believes he can do all things through Christ that strengthens him.
  • Jaachimma Oluwabunmi Nwagbara

    Yes you saw the middle name right. She is Igbo by tribe, from Abia state (having a Yoruba mother). She was born and brought up in Kaduna state and therefore you can say she has been exposed to the three major Nigerian cultures. It gets people fascinated. She is a third year medical student at the University of Ibadan, Oyo state. Before that she attended a few schools, all in Kaduna where she lives, which include, Challawa Nursery, Primary and Secondary School where she got her nursery education, Kingdom Heritage Model School where she attained primary education and the prestigious Zamani College, a school that shaped the person she is now, taught her how to dream big and made her realize she could achieve set goals and of course where she attained her secondary education. Getting into the university took a lot of hard work, discipline, perseverance and of course support especially from her loving mother and my ever helpful teachers. "Studying Medicine is quite demanding, especially if you are one who hates failure and so it is a daily struggle to get through every stage and excel as you get through. I am very much excited to share my journey. I trust it would be insightful!" says Jaachimma.
  • Obeya Mark Onu

    Mark was born at Ugbokolo, Benue State but moved to Lagos at a tender age. He lives with his single mum and is the first of three boys. Changing residence quite often, he attended a lot of schools (all public schools) growing up but eventually finished from Birrel Avenue Senior High School, Sabo Yaba, Lagos. So against all odds he decided he'd be a doctor and inspire others from the slums too. He has had a penchant for writing and classical music since he was a child. He has a soft spot for melancholy in characters or thoughts, and also loves theology, philosophy and politics. He has always believed that everyone one came across was a story waiting to be told. He has also taught at tutorial centres mainly around where he lives, Bariga, hoping to inspire the many other young persons with dreams and untold fantasies but are just scared because of the uncertainties surrounding them, believing that they're not just stories of poverty and neglect but much more.
  • Akande Michael Bolatito

    Akande Michael is a 500 level medical student at the University of Ibadan. He is from Kwara State but resides in Ogun State and is the third child out of four because of which growing up was a big struggle. He had his primary education across a few schools, but spent the most time in Kingsville Nursery and Primary school, Egbeda, Lagos where he eventually graduated from. He went on to have his secondary education at Christ the King Catholic College, Odolewu-Ijebu, Ogun state after which he gained admission into the University of Ibadan to study Medicine and Surgery. His hobbies are reading novels(mainly fantasy, science fiction, and crime thrillers), singing, writing and playing football. And he tried all these while still going through the rigours of medical school. He likes helping people and hopes to achieve a lot of that through his course of choice.
  • Chinedu Thankgod Okoro

    Yes, he's been thanking God since he was born. Chinedu is a 3rd year medical student at the University of Ibadan Nigeria. The first born in a family of seven, he is from Imo state and a full-time human being (for lack of words). He started primary school at Central School, Okohia, Imo before moving to Shalom Nursery and Primary School, Enugu. He had his secondary education at Federal Government College, Enugu (arguably the best for miles). A footballer and a football aficionado, he likes anything sports and is versed in most board games especially chess, his love. He is a political analyst and a lover of history. "Food is my heartthrob, Jesus is my muse", he says.
  • Pendical Admin

    PENDICAL an educational weblog creates a platform for medical personnel/practitioners including medical students to share inspiring stories, lifestyles, and resources for medical personnel/practitioners or anyone aspiring to be a physician thereby encouraging and promoting diversity in lifestyle, mindset, thoughts and experience among medical personnel and medical students. PENDICAL started out, like many realities, a dream. It is a weblog whose contributors are medical personnel. In a most profound way, medicine and health meet art in the realm of writing. What we seek to achieve cannot be summarized into bullet points, but if through the pieces herein someone’s path is more illuminated or another is inspired to reach beyond its ‘limits’, if doubts are cleared from this mind or the spirit of another are lifted after a long day, PENDICAL would have served well in the line of duty. Our core values are creativity, excellence, truth, and passion.