Faded Passion

I still believe that there are only three professions in Nigeria. It is our innate belief that if you are not one of a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer (in that particular order), the future is not yet certain for you. And somehow this ideology has crept into our marrows and plagued our minds for years. Parents are even culpable for compounding this problem; most of them are especially skilled in creating the impression of a perfect life to their children if they decide to study Medicine. I remember my mum getting a stethoscope and hanging it proudly on the door of our room to serve as a reminder to her children to become doctors (well, it turned out that I decided to tread this path but of my own accord).
For so many reasons, several Nigerian youths have decided to devote a whole lot of their lives to the study of the prestigious course, Medicine, and this has been for entirely different reasons. It is merely believed that as medical students, our driving force should be passion for Medicine and humanity but the reverse seems to be the case. For some, it is the charisma and class attached to having a ‘Dr’ at the beginning of their name, while for a larger chunk, it is the assurance of a quality life courtesy of the supposedly ‘huge’ pay doctors receive.

For whatever the reason may be, we have all found ourselves in the reality of medicine which is built on the fact that only the test of fire makes gold glitter. I can’t begin to talk of the numerous hurdles encountered on the path to this profession that’s been placed on such a pedestal. Is it the barriers put up by society, that must be crossed before the request to study Medicine is granted? The exams, the bureaucracy and discrimination before admission? And upon admission, the rigorous academic tasks to transit from the Main campus to the Medical school proper? In preclinicals, the troubles of managing to pass in-course tests and professional exams (having to know so much in a little while), dealing with depression when it comes creeping in? It’s only a matter of time before the motivation and zeal really drops especially when you find out that doctors don’t really earn millions as some envisaged, and by then your counter parts are already through with medical school and earning a living.
Medical school is a ground of lost treasures, so many talents that never found expression, politicians that never had the chance to contest in an election, artistes that never saw a chance to grace the world with the music of their hearts. In the end, I’ve seen doctors who work for nothing but money, with no love for their patients or the work they do. I’ve equally seen medical students who hustle their way through medical school, only to hand over the certificates to their parents and chase after the life they so desired. Would it be truly advisable to devote so many years of your life to become one of these people?
At some point in the medical school journey, we feel lost, misplaced, demotivated, a brief moment of fear of whether we might actually come out of this in one piece. At this point, it is important to ask ourselves these questions: What brought me here? And, where am I going? Find out what it is that keeps your passion for medicine ablaze and in the process do not lose your true self to it, because that is what matters the most.
Odu Abiodun M. 400 level Dentistry, Lagos State University College of Medicine.

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