Finding Love

Fred walked into Lecture Room 2.
It was some seven minutes to 2pm which was the scheduled time for the Anatomy lecture.
However, this particular Anatomy Professor was notoriously known for never keeping to time. It was a hot, sunny afternoon and most of them weren’t really looking forward to the lecture.
‘’If not for attendance’’
Many of them thought alike.
He brought out his phone to play ‘’Piano tiles’’ , but no sooner had he brought it out than he remembered he already drained a greater portion of his battery during the morning lecture.
He heaved a sigh as he placed his head on the table.
Prof hadn’t still arrived.
Fred raised his head just in time to coincide with the time Josephine walked in.
Yes, Josephine.
All the sleep disappeared from his eyes which followed her as she came towards where he was seated. He had always admired her, no, hit on her from a distance since he first saw her during a Physics practical session while in 100l. Many times he had tried to talk to her, but each time, his heart always flew to his mouth and he’d shy away, and she, unfortunately, never seemed to notice him.
Prof walked in some five minutes later and it happened as usual. The noon soon exerted its hypnotic effects causing Fred to struggle with sleep. He followed the lecture absent-mindedly.
Prof continued speaking though, and the remaining members who hadn’t yet succumbed to sleep laughed out loud when he said:
‘’She Looks Too Pretty, Try To Catch Her’’
He was jolted from his sleep when he heard that too. ‘’Wetin baba dey talk about? Did I just miss out on a joke?’’ he thought.
Prof reiterated and it turned out to be a mnemonic for the carpal bones as Prof discussed about the bones of the upper extremities.
However, Fred got a different meaning and application.
The statement kept ringing in his head even as he walked to the hostel after the lecture.
Yes, Josephine is indeed ‘’too pretty’’. But then he hadn’t put in any effort to ‘’try to catch her’’
He made up his mind.

Love indeed is a beautiful thing, irrespective of where it is found.
I came into medical school and was fascinated when I met a young couple in 600l, whom I learnt had been together right from 200l. With time, I also saw medical doctors who were already married too.
Well, not surprisingly and before my very eyes in my own class, people had begun to pair up too.
Now, one ‘’beautiful’’ thing about medical school is the hierarchy. Juniors must respect seniors even if there is just a year difference, students are at the mercy of the interns, interns pay obeisance to the Residents, then Senior Residents and then the food chain progresses to the Consultants and senior Professors.
So, when we freshly got into medical school, our girls – I mean our female classmates whom we (their male classmates) were hoping to catch immediately – became the ‘’prey’’ of seniors in 500l and 600l; and some of the very fine ones who knew their onions would decide to ignore all of us in medical school, having eyes only for our colleagues at the other end of the divide, the doctors, irrespective of their cadre.
Well, that’s on a light note, though it does happen quite often. Then, these same seniors, when you ask them, would tell you that our own girlfriends were still in SSS2, and we should wait for our time. As a senior medical student now, I can actually relate.
But then, one thing would always lead to another.
At times, these interactions are insidious and progressive from the outset, and some others are quite spontaneous.
Just like Fred above, it starts for some guys in the first year; and while some are quite shy to ‘go for it’, some others are so brazen that in the twinkle of an eye, two of them become an example of a typical lock and key.
Some people meet during registration in the first year, some others meet while on the bus, others meet in the class, some continued from secondary school, and some others meet online – on the WhatsApp group chat. Then, as they continue to advance in medical school, there are closer interactions: take for example, the *COBES where after three weeks in the community, while others successfully completed the ten minimum objectives, some others succeeded in completing 11. Others meet while returning from Night call…. Like that, like that.
Now, in mainstream medical school, some things usually happen:
Firstly, just as I mentioned earlier, when a new set resumes medical school in 200l, the girls become like ‘’fresh supplies’’ for the senior guys and it becomes the survival of the fittest for the young 200l guys to fight (if they can).
Secondly, which is a direct effect of the above and more annoying or painful or even a combination of both, is that the girls now throw and lock up the younger guys in the ‘’zone’’. I won’t necessarily say ‘’friend zone’’ because some zones are just so painful to describe. (I know you must be smiling and agreeing within yourself that I’m writing from experience. Yes, you’re not wrong) And most guys won’t realize on time. We’d think she’s showing green lights, all of which at the end of the day turn out to be ‘false positives‘.
The most painful zone is the ‘’Coman yann me stuff, I don’t have stuff’’ zone, where the guy will gladly and passionately deliver the stuff, thinking that it would be a way of ‘’bonding’’. The painful reality hits when it’s time to check results. That day is the day the dude meets his fellows in the zone, while she’s gone, looking for a fresh target. A bad day in the market it turns out to be, as they have just ‘’nack d crossbar’’ while trying to shoot their shot.
But then, some guys persevere. They are the set of guys for which the Yoruba adage says, ‘’Eni maa j’oyin inu apata, ko ni w’enu aake’’ (it’s translational implication being: ‘’We are encouraged to succeed no matter how tough and/or rough the road to success is’’)
It implies that these guys just won’t give up, even if she says NO a zillion times. This pretty lady o, I must get her!
I mustn’t forget to add that, at times, within a class, or within the College or even beyond, there’s a movie titled: ‘’the lady between two majors’’
Then, for some others, things just fall in place. The interactions are of a natural origin and I tell you, when the SA nodes of a guy and a girl fall in rhythm, it’s… Oh my! Oh my!
Some of them even try to hide it, but then the glory is so bright that it reveals itself. They do practically almost everything together and almost everyone in the college knows.
Now I must add that it’s not only the guys who do the chasing.
Nowadays, the girls, especially those who did shakara in their younger years, now decide to shoot their shot later too, especially as legend has it that it becomes increasingly difficult for a lady to get a man as she advances in her medical career (dem tell me ni o, anono if na true or not).
They begin to show all the lights they have, from green to blue to green.
Love is beautiful everywhere, even in Medical school. No wonder that mnemonic for the carpal bones would always stick even after preclinical school. I remember my Anatomy teacher attached more importance to the mnemonic than the bones it was meant to help recall. Even seniors, when they try to ‘’daze’’ as regards that part of anatomy and the junior is able to ‘’move the stuff’’ very well, they smile and say, ‘’Oh, no wonder. She looks too pretty, try to catch her’’.
On a serious parting note though, any guy who has seen a lady that is indeed ‘’Too pretty’’, he should just go ahead and ‘’Try To Catch Her’’.
No dulling at all.
And for the ladies too, allow us ‘’to catch you’’
I am Ogunlade Oluwatobi, 500 level Medical Student, University of Ilorin.
*COBES is Community Based Experience and Schemes which is an integral part of the medical curriculum of the University of Ilorin Medical School.

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  1. Nice one Tobi. It’s just a normal thing for the Senior Colleagues to shoot the right shots, I hope you’ve shot yours or get to shoot yours soon. Love is indeed beautiful especially when it starts in Medical school.😉

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