Inevitable Dread

It was back in 2015 while I was still awaiting admission into the University of Ibadan (UI) to study medicine and surgery. I was attending tutorials for the upcoming post-utme to brush up my knowledge of the four subjects required. A friend rushed in with some news – of all those who had chosen UI as their first-choice university to study medicine, 9000 had qualified to write its post-utme examination. I waited a few to allow this sink in, shivering by the time it had hit rock bottom. I was to contend with 8999 others for the 150 slots, give or take, available. Those who also didn’t secure admission into the university of their choice immediately after graduating high school could empathize with me. I didn’t know how it was going to happen since magic wasn’t real. At that moment, my faith wavered. I went home deep in thought and waited for Mom to come home from work. When she did come home, had eaten and rested well enough, I told her I wanted to change my course to pharmacy. She asked why and I tried coming up with excuses without making it obvious that I was terrified. I was freaking horrified at the thought of staying home another year if I failed yet again. I needed to slim down such chances. I remember she discouraged my proposal, adding that even if I failed, I could still apply for the university’s change of course. She did believe in me, probably more than I did myself. I resolved to work harder; knowing UI, it wouldn’t be a piece of cake. Weighing my strengths and weaknesses in the 4 subjects, I found I was evenly matched and was supposed to beat the cut-off by a wide margin. I had help from good friends also aspiring to get admitted into UI, especially my best friend who was a great deal of help in biology, a subject I really sucked at. The results were out and we got exactly the cut-off mark, 74. Lucky us? Nah, it was pure effort.
Now the point to all this…
This is not a tale to explain how hard it is securing admission into the widely sought after Medicine and Surgery. It is not a tale to let the world know that I am smart. Rather it’s to make us understand that we can’t let our fears keep us down. If my mom had indulged me, I probably would have been studying pharmacy with a whole lot of regrets to live with. We just can’t give in to our nightmares and follow a safer surer path. The going will get tough, so we just have to suck it up and toughen up for any and every hill we might have to scale over or dig through.
Irrespective of the inevitable dread, we must strive to actualise our passion!

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PENDICAL an educational weblog creates a platform for medical personnel/practitioners including medical students to share inspiring stories, lifestyles, and resources for medical personnel/practitioners or anyone aspiring to be a physician thereby encouraging and promoting diversity in lifestyle, mindset, thoughts and experience among medical personnel and medical students. PENDICAL started out, like many realities, a dream. It is a weblog whose contributors are medical personnel. In a most profound way, medicine and health meet art in the realm of writing. What we seek to achieve cannot be summarized into bullet points, but if through the pieces herein someone’s path is more illuminated or another is inspired to reach beyond its ‘limits’, if doubts are cleared from this mind or the spirit of another are lifted after a long day, PENDICAL would have served well in the line of duty. Our core values are creativity, excellence, truth, and passion.

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  1. Lol i remember this feeling during DE Admissions especially when you don’t even know how the admission works.

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