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Vlogging and schooling, has never been an easy task. However the Student Doctor, Precious Anyaoha of White Coat Chronicles finds a way to combine both excellently well. Fun fact – she finally tells the public about her views on Nigerian and Ghanaian jollof.


Pendical: Can we meet you?

Precious Anyaoha: Hello my name is Precious Anyaoha, and I am a 3rd year medical student in Atlanta, Ga. I am originally from Nigeria. During my 1st year of Med school I created a YouTube channel called White Coat Chronicles. Through this channel I hope to give an authentic viewpoint of what medical school is like, while providing advice and mentorship to pre med and medical students. Following medical school, I will pursue a specialty in Emergency Medicine.

Pendical: Briefly run us through a typical day of yours in med school.

Precious Anyaoha: During the 1st and 2nd years, I have two classes in the morning, then lunch break. After lunch break, we typically have anatomy lab, or pathology lab, in the afternoon. I come home around 4 or 5pm, rest, and then study for a few hours in the evening.

In 3rd year, a typical day consists of arriving at the hospital between 6am and 7am, and leaving around 4pm. We see patients all day. When I get home, I study the material for whichever rotation I’m on. I currently just finished OBGYN.

Pendical: What has been your most stressful year so far in med school and why?

Precious Anyaoha: 2nd year. We learned A LOT of information in 2nd year: Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathophysiology. We take all these courses at the same time. At the end of the year, we take our board exam – USMLE Step 1. The score on this exam determines which specialty of residency you can apply for after medical school.

Pendical: What is your best part of being a medical student?

Precious Anyaoha: Learning about the human body and treating patients

Pendical: What is your biggest challenge as a medical student?

Precious Anyaoha: Limited amount of time because you’re dedicated and focused on your studies. There are a lot of sacrifices that must be made during medical school.

Pendical: Oh yes, you delivered your first baby this November, how was the feeling?

Precious Anyaoha: Great feeling! My resident trusted me with the delivery and walked me through the entire process.

Pendical: Which works better for you between textbooks and academic video tutorials?

Precious Anyaoha: Both! I love to be able to read a textbook and get some of the background details that it provides. I love videos because to me, it’s helpful to hear someone else break down a concept.

Pendical: How well do you try to ensure a healthy eating habit seeing that you’re busy most of the time?

Precious Anyaoha: I don’t eat out at restaurants much. I eat home-cooked meals. I’m fortunate that I attend school in the city where I grew up, so I go home on some weekends and my mom cooks for me. But it can be difficult for some students to avoid eating out and eating unhealthy.

Pendical: What is your favourite go-to snack on a very busy day?

Precious Anyaoha: Hmmm, I love packing bars. Like Nutrigrain fruit bars or peanut butter crackers or pretzels

Pendical: How often do you come back home (Nigeria)?

Precious Anyaoha: About every 2 years. Last time I was there was Christmas of 2017.

Pendical: What is your best part of Nigeria?

Precious Anyaoha: Being with family

Pendical: Do you plan on coming back to Nigeria to practice after school?

Precious Anyaoha: I don’t plan to practice there. But I would love to go back and volunteer my medical services.

Pendical: A caption on your Instagram post when you once visited Ghana reads, “…and trying jollof from multiple sources, I think the Naija vs Ghana jollof is crazy lol” but you never really picked a side, haha. So let’s settle it here, Ghanaian jollof or Nigerian jollof?

Precious Anyaoha: Naija Jollof of course!! Haha

Pendical: In your first vlog, you mentioned a number of things you’ll love to achieve through your YouTube channel and how often you planned to post — every Sunday. How well do you think you’ve done in achieving these through the years?

Precious Anyaoha: That’s awesome that you’ve seen my first post! Through my first year I was very consistent with posting weekly. During 2nd year, I slowed down because of the demands of the course load. Now in 3rd year I have found a good balance and I’m picking up the consistency again.

Pendical: You also mentioned in your first video that we would follow you on your hair journey. Have you ever considered adding a section on hair: hair care, hair styling, hair products or anything of that sort?

Precious Anyaoha: I’m not sure if my viewers will connect with that. But maybe I can ask and see how much interest there is for that content.

Pendical: A very interesting vlog on your channel is one on keeping relationships in med school. How do you manage to maintain a beautiful love life despite your tight schedule?

Precious Anyaoha: Communication is key. There must be understanding of each other’s schedules. Making each other a priority is key, but also understanding that school is a priority.

Pendical: On average, how long does it take you to come up with a video from filming to editing?

Precious Anyaoha: Coming up with the concepts doesn’t take long at all. I typically just film my day, but I must think about how to creatively capture my mundane days. When I do sit-down videos like “How to get into med school”, “Interview tips”, etc, I take my time to write out a script.
Editing is done on my phone using iMove. Then I transfer it to my laptop to add the music. I edit in small chunks throughout the day. So, if I vlog for a full week, I do some editing each day,  instead of waiting until the end of the week to edit the entire vlog.
I make sure that my channel is not very time consuming, because school is number 1 priority.


Pendical: Is there anything new you plan to add to your brand as you progress that you’ll love to share?

Precious Anyaoha: As of now, I just want to continue creatively capturing my life in med school. I always reach out to my viewers to see what they’re interested in seeing on my channel.

Pendical: Who are your best three ‘YouTubers’?

Precious Anyaoha: Jamie and Nikki, Jon Olsson, Adanna and David

Pendical: After med school, what next?

Precious Anyaoha: Residency. I plan to specialize in Emergency Medicine.

Pendical: Are there any words you would love to share with those reading this?

Precious Anyaoha: If you want to pursue medicine, then make sure you’re disciplined, and you have a sharp focus. The road is not easy. It takes a lot of dedication. But in the end, it is worth it. There will be ups and downs, and you may doubt your ability along the journey, but keep your faith.

Ebengho Ikponmwosa Gabriel

IK Ebengho as he is simply called was born born in Benin City, Edo State. He is the eldest child of Dr. and Mrs. Ebengho. He is currently a third medical student at the University of Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria. Before pursuing his medical education, he completed his Bachelor's degree in Medical Biochemistry and Genetics at Delta State University and his secondary school education at the University of Benin Demonstration Secondary School (UDSS). During his free time, he enjoys playing guitar (he is a worship guitarist), photography and being involved in philanthropy projects. A devoted Christian, he believes he can do all things through Christ that strengthens him.

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