Is It Worth It?

There comes a lot of experiences we encounter as we pass through medical school: some funny and exciting; others sorrowful and heartbreaking. Well, I feel the heartbreaks outnumber the giggles and jingles. Imagine putting in lots of effort and getting the least expected.
One time, during my 200 level days, I’d spent so many sleepless nights reading for a Continuous Assessment Test. I became enemies with my bed and offered no resistance, like a sacrificial lamb, to the dearest mosquitoes that were insistent on feasting on me (annoying bloodsuckers!), with no time to even gist with my lovely neighbor. ‘Jacko’, she normally calls me. In my mind, I’ll be like, ‘This girl doesn’t even understand’.
The results came out and as Immortality became young Bella at the twilight of her life, confusion became me. I saw scores I didn’t understand. I was broken in pieces and cried, feeling as though nothing wanted to work for me anymore. But wetin man go do na? The very next day, you have to be at it again, reading like no man’s business. Mstcheeeww!
The most heartbreaking thing is, after each professional exam (MB), a friend or classmate of yours will be asked to withdraw or repeat. Really?! After all that stress? A few times, my heart just fails me. And then there’s the part about not being able to spend quality time with your family and friends: no holidays; timetables choking you like an asthmatic attack.

Let me not even get into having to meet up with a 75% class and 100% clinical attendance, 7:30am reviews and whatnot?
Indeed, the days and nights abound when I am wont to ask myself, “Is medical school truly worth this much blood and sweat?”
Scribbled by Kome Unuafe, a 500 level Medical Student at Delta State University (DELSU).

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