Remember The First Day


I remember the first day we met
The very day you donned and adored me
I was without blemish like the dexterity of the Bonwire weaver
Memories so indelible like a nevus
You walked on the wards like Christ did on Bartimaeu’s street
And yes, you willed and made others whole
I remember when my hem caught its first dirt
I do remember when my sleeves first soaked patients’ sweat
I remember like you do remember your first successful CPR
Dirt after dirt; sweat after sweat
Soiled and fallen short of ‘don-ment’
Wrinkle after wrinkle, I’m left to the paws of age
No notice of divorce
Not even a subpoena to the court
I hang on death’s sickle without your remorse
I remember the first day we met
I remember the first day you left
Pain so gross like drenching night sweat
This poem was inspired by a white coat left that had been left hanging in the doctors’ restroom for a long time.
Anthony Gyening-Yeboah, MD
Junior House officer, Cape Coast Teaching Hospital, Cape Coast, Ghana.

For The Love of Medicine

For the love of medicine
We thrive and thrive
For the love of what we do and who we are
We continue, hot on our pursuit
To be academically refined
Because at the end
It’s not just to be found worthy in character and academics or
To understand the principles of our currency (Stuff)
It’s for what we have to impart in this world!
It’s for the dream we keep alive and give our all. 💛❤💜
Written by Dumebi Ofili
400 level Medical Student, University of Uyo, Nigeria.

Pendical Admin

PENDICAL an educational weblog creates a platform for medical personnel/practitioners including medical students to share inspiring stories, lifestyles, and resources for medical personnel/practitioners or anyone aspiring to be a physician thereby encouraging and promoting diversity in lifestyle, mindset, thoughts and experience among medical personnel and medical students. PENDICAL started out, like many realities, a dream. It is a weblog whose contributors are medical personnel. In a most profound way, medicine and health meet art in the realm of writing. What we seek to achieve cannot be summarized into bullet points, but if through the pieces herein someone’s path is more illuminated or another is inspired to reach beyond its ‘limits’, if doubts are cleared from this mind or the spirit of another are lifted after a long day, PENDICAL would have served well in the line of duty. Our core values are creativity, excellence, truth, and passion.

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  1. Completely delightful read . Well done guys . I’d read them again tomorrow so I could smile this sweet smile again and be inspired to keep thriving for the love of what we have to impart.

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