True Memoirs of a Medic II

Episode 2


New roles
Matt Foley – Fola’s bestie
Justin Harper – Kimberly’s brother
Stephan Rogers – Kim’s bestie
Murray Adams – Fola’s course adviser
Viola Baker – a female friend to Fola

Rnnnggggg!!!! My alarm rang so loudly that I had to jolt it with a lightning blow. A new day with my cliché routine I just couldn’t fix. I dragged myself from bed and managed to get my chores done as soon as possible. There were times when I resolved I was going to stay away from lectures because it kept boring me and making me feel like I was wasting away by the shore. First period plant diversity always made matters worse as I always kept staring at my wristwatch wondering when the period would be over. ‘I hope you aren’t thinking of going AWOL the next time the lecture holds?’ questioned Matt. I smiled and said ‘Not at all bruh!!’ As far as I was concerned, I had a nigga who dedicated most of his time to regularly checking up on me.

‘You have little or no time for me ever since you left for medical school…abi you have started going out with all these nerdy lasses,’ said Kim on the phone. “I’ll call you later.” I promised. I hung up and gave a wry glance at the girl that walked past me. My relationship life was getting convoluted and I was trying so hard to catch up. Just last week, Justin sent me an image of Stephan and Kim making out on a couch in their living room. Well I didn’t seem too surprised because these were adverse effects of being in a long distance relationship. I could never be grateful enough to Justin as I had already made up my mind about her. Now, here she was playing the reverse each time she dialed my number to talk to me.

It took her so moments to grapple my words when I said “I want out,” the next day she called me at school. Her conniving attitude and way of predisposing my defenses were features I couldn’t just adapt with. I didn’t want be the guy she took for granted each time she had no shoulder to cry on. First things first, I needed to get Kimberly Jones out of my head so I started taking literature lessons hoping I could pour out my thoughts on paper scribbling in black and blue. It just didn’t work at first. My course adviser noticed my grades started dwindling and set up a meeting with him. I absconded, I didn’t want to go through some therapeutic session expressing my flawed emotions to an adult who might later think I joined the bandwagon.
Just as I was salving my wounds and pondering on my new mantra “Girls are scum” came this colleague of mine who brought me back from the land of thoughts to that of reality. “Hey Fola, how did your weekend go”? I tried to conceal my fatigue nature but my voice failed me. “Fine Biola”, I answered with a deep croaky voice. Even someone who didn’t really pay rapt attention to me couldn’t help but notice the sadness at the sound of my voice. That entire day continued with Biola bringing up music, a proximate hobby of mine as a matter of urgency. Smiles finally started to return to my face as we argued, giggled and smiled at each other stealing glances at each other. Sometimes the devil(girls) isn’t always as black as painted concluded my thoughts as I lay on my bed and retired into the darkness of the night.
“Aren’t you gonna take off the shades? The sun is burning my eye lids,” I offered ignoring the earlier remarks from Matt. “Biola’s a nice girl, you guys should hang out”, as he threw the basketball towards my end. “I don’t think we should…” I stammered trying to bring the discussion to an abrupt end. I wasn’t really the kind of guy who all that loved discussing my love life with friends. He just scored point on hinting me of the steps I needed to take in moving on with my life but here I was rescinding him yet again. My head was aching; I couldn’t feel my legs as I tried finding my way out of the apartment. The plan was to party but here I was with absolutely no idea of what was wrong with me. I have been drugged!

N.B: All acts and scenes which may have occurred in this series are inspired by true events. Characters and roles are personal and have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. Any reproduction of this copyrighted material is strongly prohibited and admissible in the court of law.

Scribbled by Lamina Ifeoluwa a medical student at Olabisi Onabanjo University.

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